New Deck and Pergola

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

New Door

Door is set and electrical is roughed-in Great view to deck and yard.

After a quality control check of railing system, one balluster did not pass.

Roughing In

Don from BAS electric wiring sconce and outlet. Framing of new french inswing door.

Sunday, June 7, 2009


Selectwood is located in Portsmouth, New Hampshire
The range and quality of the clear vertical grain cedar is unsurpassed.

In the Shop

Now for the fun stuff
We are going to match the existing railing details. Ballusters are 2 1/2" on center.
Making the curved profile on the bandsaw.

Juli helping out on the routing table. She is using a template and a bearing bit to match the sweeping curve on the ballusters.

Hidden fasteners and Lattice Install

Tiger Claw fasteners driven in with block. The clip is attached with a stainless screw. Leaving no unsightly holes in deck.
The "garden" lattice being installed.

Frame inspection

After all the hangers and lagbolts were installed, we had the local inspector, Denis Nadeau inspect the structure.
lattice frame

Angle hangers and 45 degree sway braces.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Taking Shape

The columns and beams are set. We need to add the joist hangers and lag screws and we will be ready for inspection. We moved the tent close to shield us from the 3 days of nonstop rain and drizzle. Are you sure we are not in Seattle?

Stair footing is 1 foot deep x 1 foot wide

There are a total of 6 stringers to support the bear board decking.

Pergola Structure

The aluminum and existing cedar siding is removed to attach flashing and structure for pergola.
Grace ice and water shield and metal flashings are tucked under siding by 8"
A 10" fiberglass corinthian column is slipped over a solid 6x6 post.

Deck Framing 101

Deck ledger board also gets the full treatment of water shield and flashings.
A new french door will be cut in at the existing double hung windows

6x6 posts are continuous from footing to pergola beams

FSC Lumber

Check out the FSC web page.
Sterritt lumber. The only local company with many FSC products in stock.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Ready to build

Excavation and concrete is complete, and we are ready to build.
Certified "Green"portable restroom.